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caesar's next 9-1-1 call comes fromsandra who's concerned about the way herdaughter's new puppy is behaving aroundher grandchildren so welcome into myoffice so how can i help you well um mydaughter have a dog and we wish to beable to enjoy him but he's too crazywith my grandchildren yes he jump onthemget him down that method get him downhey whisk and you know he had very verysharp teeth and he everything that geton his reach he's able to tear
this big scratch on her faceand that day i really got very angry isaid what if this happened to to one ofthe kidsnow he's being put outside and it's sadbecause he's not playing with anybodybut him by himselfmy daughter loves dogs she treats herdogs like babies and i think she'sspoiling this dog how old is he fivemonths approximately and he's big he's apuppy and he have too much energy wecannot have control of him what bread is
by breed a bishla is a hunting dog andit needs to be challenged it can live ina home setting but only if the familytake their high energy and fast-movingbrain into account hopefully when hemature he will change you know hisbehavior but we can't wait until oh mygod no it won't that's a big myth youneed to be taught at this early age it'slike letting a kid grow up and justmisbehaving somehow he's going to changeway to mature no he developed a badhabit right i'm not trying to scare you
this doesn't adjust on his ownthis is one of those cases that you canclearly seethe bad habit being built so what willbe a goal for you from a grandma pointof view we want him to be part of thefamily you know where we can enjoy youknow hug him and you know be close tohim then we have to work really hard ihope sister can help the family learnhow to deal with with whiskey otherwisethere is no other option than giving himaway let's go see it
leonardo's home so he can observe livesurveillance footage of theirinteraction withwhiskey whatnow he's jumping on on to bite theirhandsshe's still getting affectioni got it going this is pretty bad thiswaystop it no bite[Music]caesar was called by a concernedgrandmother whose daughter's family has
after watching a live feed of the dog'sincreasingly aggressive behavior aroundthe kids caesar steps in to talk to theparents no bitethat's pretty badhellowow talk about negotiation are you alawyerno i'm not you should be you negotiate alot with this guyhow are youso that's all right i got it thank youi'm leonardo chavez and i'm rocio chavez
turn nine and victoria we just turnedfour i decided to get a dog for our kidsand after doing extensive research on abreed that would be active and yetkid-friendly i found vishla and ithought perfectso we got whiskey and he was about eightweeks old at the time very cute he hadall the the puppy wrinkles the big headwith a little body long ears i justcovered his face and actually he wouldchew on on his ears once whiskey startedteething is when the issues began
he would knock down my daughterhey nonoand his play would get aggressive nono when he comes from he scratches mewhiskhe usually jumps on us invites us heywhisk and it's kind of just chaos withhimi can't even take whiskey out for a walki'm terrified he'll bite somebody on thestreetone time i was trying to train whiskey
andi got distracted and in seconds heleaped towards me bit my lip andresulted in a pretty bad woundit was scary because i don't want thatto happen to me and like anyone else nooff with it really scared me and it gotme to think about what damage he coulddoto my kids my daughter especially i'mterrified that one of these days he'sjust gonna get her in the faceso because of it we have
[Music]you know my goal ofhaving thembond with a dog it's not happening atall it's the complete oppositeand if we don't get help now i'm afraidwhiskey will end up being an outside dogcompletely isolated from our family he'slosing out on that[Music]the family that[Music]i've thought about giving whiskey away
24 7 outside no wayhe's our familyi'm not gonna give up on himis beyond excitedthis is the excitement that hurts sowhen i was looking at the tablet you'regiving affection to this and that's nothealthyokaysee the more you look at him when he'sin that state the more you feed on thatthe more you do this which you didthe more you actually give your space so
everything five months of agewe don't stop it now we're just gonnacontinueplaying he's a puppy but he's biting andhis intensity his determination is gonnabecome way stronger to the point thatthey're not gonna stop them the factthat you guys are keeping him away andthat's how you deal with his brain willnever learn to be any other waybecause you're not really teachinganything you're just putting a pause onthings right it's just chuck e cheese
whisky is a dog that has no rulesboundaries or limitations the verybasics of good dog behavior the familyneed to step it up nowthe first thing you have to do ispresent foodso before you even put them around dogsor children you create impact of respectso if you can control a dog around foodyou can control that dog around anythinglet's do thisjust make it sensetotally is that here
[Music]there you goit's not that you are beingmean to the doga dog needs to learn that he can be infront of these things and he has to comeout with a different responseso i'm giving direction i'm just tellingyou that this thing you can't touch ityou can't touch it correct so if i saythat you can't touch thisyou can't touch my kid you can't touchthis you can't touch that that gives you
just seeing caesar put the food in frontof whiskey and teach him to leave it andnot touch it it was amazing completelydifferent dog in likeless than five minutes i just wanna putyou in a situation where you begin toteach so you're teaching rulesnothing excites a dog more than food andham has a strong scent so this challengeis perfect for rocio because normallyshe allows whiskey's excitement tocontrol the situation now she needs tobe the one in control let's begin with
put down the container of food right infront of whiskey and make him understandthat it's off-limits and he's notallowed to eat it simple he can comenear you understand your energy yourframe of mind is i'm claiming thisthat's that's your bad habitsee it so he came and touch it what doyou do you move it awayseethis movement you moving awayhe is moving awaywe have to keep the kids in mind yeah
is going to be healthy for our childrenback off yesbecause the kids are not going to bethinking about anything whisk whiskwhiskcaesar is teaching boundaries to an outof control vishla puppy who is findingit hard to follow caesar's instructionswhisk whisk whiskoh hereyeah we still teachthere you go so that's the last memoryokay
actually good that when he doessomething of limits i can jump right inwith the correctionhe's going to go after the food until weestablish this boundary and rocio needsto teach this to him so she can set allthe boundaries and her house full ofkidsthere we go turn aroundput the foot downnot not around yeah not away towardsyeah down put it downtouch the side touch the side
there you go there you go touch the sideagainnow yeah he's like figuring it out okayvery good go back to your positionso he's still figuring it out so youalready know he can't touch it but hedoesn't know that he have to walk awaynow you go that's what you wanti want rocio to use the food to claimher space it's a way of saying you onlyget this food when i say so then thetouch snaps whisky's brain out of hisexcitement about the food she needs to
there you go right therenice set it downnicetouch nice there you go put it downthere you gothat's right just relaxthat was way better than the first oneyou gotta go there you go he's layingdown he can't touch it though he can'tlick it or touch itthat's surrenderhow's it feel amazing that's rightbecause now you're being clear and
manners correctso if you can do that with food youtransfer that to your child yeahso far i am feeling so empowered bytoday's meetingandhopeful we have to change the perceptionof how you love him you know what i meanbecause he's a baby which is difficultchallenging for her because for her itwas this fairy taleyou know i want a dog to be raised withmy kids and i want the white picket fans
i teared up today because i realizedthat it's been me that'sbeen doing things wrong the whole timeand i have to change that so disciplineis the bridge from goals to successthat's how you get to the next levelyou need structure how do iyou have to come to the ranchi'm starting to see rocio's confidencechange with whiskey her bigger issue ishow she babies whiskey and encourageshis bad behavior i have some specialguests for her to me to get some hope
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